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Household products
Detergents, cleansing agents for sewage drains
Frozen products
Frozen meat, fish, half-finished meat and fish, poultry
Sauces & ketchups
White and red sauces, ketchups, mayonnaise
Pastas, cereals, flour, starch
Meat & fish
Sausage products, sausage rolls, knockwursts, half-finished meat

We invest in innovation, which is a key to our leadership:

Digital Printing - We are the first company in Northern and Eastern Europe to install the HP Indigo 2000 press. We are the first who started using Digital Printing technology on packaging materials. We have brought packaging to a new level of personalized communication with the consumer. Thanks to us, packaging has become a powerful marketing tool.

Automated warehouse with climate control - We are the first and only manufacturer of flexible packaging materials that has implemented a robotic warehouse with climate control. In the new warehouse, all operations for storing, holding and moving products are carried out by robots. This ensures strict monitoring of storage conditions and guarantees the stable quality of each product regardless of batches and time of production.

Solvent Recovery System – We have introduced a system for collecting residual solvents that are then reused in production. Thanks to the introduction of this system, we reduce costs and increase the energy efficiency of our production. We make it environmentally friendly and safe for employees.

We invest in environmentally friendly technologies and materials. We have developed and already been producing laminates with barrier films. Our new developments are a replacement for materials containing foil. Due to the presence of only polymer materials in the composition of these laminates, they can be recycled in accordance with European standards.



On 14th of October 2016 JSC “Immer Digital” signed a contract No. SKV-L-2016/857 with Latvian Investment and Development Agency to participate in "International competitiveness improvement" measure cofinanced by the European Regional Development Fund.