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New factory IMMER Digital is opened in Ventspils

1st of February the IMMER Digital flexible packaging material factory has been opened in Ventspils. The factory is an only factory of such type in Northern Europe. More than 5 million euros were invested by private investors, “ABLV Bank” and Development finance institution “Altum”.

“IMMER Digital factory will employ the latest achievements of modern technology. Innovative patented solutions will be used to produce high quality environmentally friendly packaging materials, while also creating new workplaces and increasing the export capacity of Latvia. We are truly satisfied by the fact that the new factory will start begin working in full capacity,” said the president of IMMER Group Irina Mirochnik (Ирина Мирошник).

The new digital printing site will provide flexible packaging, label and plastic bag manufacturing services. IMMER Digital provides packaging manufacturing services both for edible and non-edible products, including fresh, frozen, hard, liquid chemical and other products.  The use of innovative packaging manufacturing technologies allows to, compared to traditional packaging types, significantly increase product storage periods.

Benefits of digital printing allow to create unique and custom packaging designs, to process client orders in short periods of time and in high quality, and to provide small-scale orders for small businesses and manufacturers. The company also provides concept and design development services, pre-printing preparation services and other innovative solutions with use of various printing materials and technologies.

“Our manufacturing technology already received positive praise from “Orkla Confectionery&Snacks Latvija”, “Latvijas maiznieks”, “Pure Chocolate”, “Apsara” and other clients. Companies from Lithuania, Estonia, Scandinavia, Russia, Ukraine and United Kingdom are also interested in cooperation. We aim to export both to Northern European markets and global markets,” emphasized the executive director of IMMER Digital Olegs Savickis.

“We are happy about the fact that our support has allowed to create a new factory in such an important exporting sphere for Latvia, and our bank has gained a new important client,” said head of the “ABLV Bank” project financing department Anton Marchenko.

Company SIA “IMMER Digital” was founded at the end of 2015 with an aim to to manufacture flexible packaging in European Union, and it will be a second factory of company group “Immer Group” in Europe. In Latvia, the company will use unique manufacturing technologies, patents and raw materials of IMMER Group, while providing personnel training in cooperation with Ukrainian colleagues. It is planned to employ approximately 100 people in the new factory. The company is a member of “Latvian packaging association”, “European Flexible packaging association”, as well as the participant of “Safe Food initiative”.