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IMMER Digital joins UN Global Compact

JSC IMMER Digital as a part of international company group IMMER Group has officially joined UN Global Compact – the world’s largest corporate responsibility and good management practice initiative by United Nations. 

Adherence to corporate social responsibility and development and use of environmentally friendly technologies, an approach that corresponds to the basic principles of UN Global Compact, has been an indispensable part of business practice of the flexible packaging manufacturer IMMER Group for more than 20 years.

“Today sustainable development is an indispensable part of any responsible and reliable business. By joining the UN Global Compact initiative, we have reached a new level of opportunities to improve social and corporate responsibility. We actively participate in solving environmental issues, constantly develop new solutions that support circular economy,” says the president of IMMER Group Irina Miroshnik.

The initiative consists of ten principles for reinforcement of social responsibility that prompt companies to observe human rights and working environment requirements, address environmental pollution and corruption. IMMER Group operational motive promotes mutual cooperation to develop a socially responsible, environmentally friendly and transparent business. By joining the initiative, IMMER Group companies have undertaken to observe interests of all their employees, clients, cooperation partners and the society in general, thus promoting development of the business environment and society in their own regions and the whole world. 

Currently the Global Compact has been joined by almost 13 thousand various companies from 170 countries. The Global Compact movement came to Latvia in the year 2001, and according to the information on the website 8 Latvian companies have joined the initiative.