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Hard candies, chocolate sweets, lollypops
Animal food
Dry and wet pet food, treats
Sauces & ketchups
White and red sauces, ketchups, mayonnaise
Frozen products
Frozen meat, fish, half-finished meat and fish, poultry
Cement-based construction mixes, spackle mixes, grouting mixes

IMMER Digital offers full BOX (3D) and GUSSET (2D) stand-up pouch package manufacturing cycle – design development, material selection to ensure all required functions, digital printing and manufacturing of finished pouches with closing elements.


The new generation machinery is capable to manufacture up to 50 stand-up pouches per minute. It is also possible to manufacture large size GUSSET POUCH type packs up to 80 cm in height and 55 cm in width, BOX POUCH 55 cm high and 40 cm wide, and the smaller size packs are available at 20 cm height and 10 cm width. Following options are available for package closing: euroslot, easy-open, zipper or slider.

The packs can be made from combined materials, for example, transparent film can be used at the sides. It is possible to print all sides, and the digital printing technology allows to create a unique design for each package.

BOX POUCHES – three-dimensional stand-up packages with flat base and sides.  

Packages are stable and convenient for placement on store shelves. Sides, base, front and back of the package can be made from up to three different materials. For example, to ensure product visibility through the package, the sides can be made from a transparent material, while other surfaces are made from a different material.  BOX POUCHES can be used to pack several products in a single package, for example, dry product and a liquid required for the ready-made product.

GUSSET POUCH – a convenient and sturdy stand-up package that can be manufactured in different sizes with or without side folds, with central or cross seams. Due to ability to manufacture large packs, this type of packaging is often used for animal feed, various dry construction materials, household chemistry, and it is also a very popular packaging choice for pastries, coffee and other granular products.

More information and advice on the most suitable package for your product will be provided by our sales expert via phone (+371) 26446116 or e-mail