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Unique packaging material at Riga Food exhibition presented

Today, 7th of September, the flexible packaging manufacturer IMMER Group presented an innovative, unique, completely recyclable flexible packaging material at Riga Food international exhibition. The material is made of polymer, although it has tactile and visual characteristics of paper. The new product complies with all functional requirements of modern packaging and is completely safe for various food-product packaging. 

“Our research and development experts have created a flexible packaging material that satisfies various requirements of our clients. It is a high quality, environmentally friendly and completely safe material. The vast experience and understanding of industry development of IMMER Group in combination with the opportunities provided by the latest packaging manufacturing technologies allow us to offer our clients unique creative solutions for the best product packaging,” said the president of the international company group IMMER Group Irina Miroshnik (Ирина Мирошник).

To ensure optimum functional characteristics – great barrier quality, excellent package sealing and mechanical durability – the material is manufactured from non-woven polymer material, which is laminated with various polymer films. The material can be used for packaging of various food products, for example, ice-cream, cheese, coffee, tea, pastries, nuts, dried fruit, and other goods.

Decorative characteristics of the material combine original tactile effect and surface structure – it is soft, flexible and pleasant to touch. The new material is suitable for various printing methods, both flexographic and digital, thus allowing to rapidly implement creative design solutions.

Compared to combined materials that use paper and film, our material is environmentally friendly and fully complies with EU requirements – it is recyclable and requires less resources to manufacture.

“The new packaging will increase uniqueness and recognizability of the product on store shelves, thus increasing the volume of sales. This packaging material allows the manufacturers to position their product as an environmentally friendly, safe and beneficial for the consumer,” emphasized IMMER Digital head of sales Ivars Sudmalis.

Development of the new product was performed in IMMER Group research centre laboratory. Our experts, while working on the functional characteristics of the new material, focused on physical-mechanical and sealing durability, resistance to layering, coefficient of friction, paint layer, and resistance to steam and oxygen. This approach allowed us to create a material with characteristics that ensure product safety and quality, while allowing use of the material with various packaging equipment.

According to the client’s specifications, the material manufacturing and flexographic printing will be performed at IMMER Ukrplastic plant, while digital printing will be performed at IMMER Digital plant in Ventspils.