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Household products
Detergents, cleansing agents for sewage drains
Sweets, hard candies, chocolates, sponge cakes, biscuits, crackers
Sauces & ketchups
White and red sauces, ketchups, mayonnaise
Fresh products
Vegetables, fruits
Сhips & snacks
Potato chips, sunflower seeds, nuts
IMMER Digital

The IMMER Digital flexible packaging manufacturing plant is equipped with the latest digital printing technologies, and is the only plant of its kind in Northern Europe.

We produce flexible packaging, labels and ready-made packages. Our products are certified in accordance with the requirements of food packaging standards. They are also suitable for packaging non-food products, including chemical products.

Digital printing allows simplifying and optimizing the manufacturing process – no printing form is required and within one order it is possible to efficiently change packaging design or text information with no additional costs. We are also able to carry out small orders.

Digital printing allows to implement the latest marketing trends, to personalize packaging for a particular customer group or individual buyers and to manufacture products with unique packaging design. Our services allow to use packaging as a direct communication channel with the consumer. We are able to process orders of high quality and in the shortest time possible, which allows the product manufacturers to respond to market changes in time.

We also offer the latest anti-counterfeiting solutions – holograms, special inks, speech code, track &trace, RFID code and other solutions. We are the only ones in the Baltics and Northern Europe to offer the highly demanded box-pouch packages.

Our packaging is environmentally friendly – it can be recycled; water-based inks and our own patented formulations are used in the manufacturing process. Variations of packaging film structure allow for various product quality technical, mechanical and functional characteristics. This allows us to significantly increase the storage time of goods and to avoid use of packaging with non-recyclable aluminium.

Products in our packaging can be purchased in Europe, Russia, Israel, USA, UAE, China, Iran and other countries.

IMMER Digital is a member of Latvian Packaging Association, European Flexible Packaging Association and a participant of Initiative SAVE FOOD. The factory operates in accordance with the quality management certificate ISO 9001, and BRC and ABI food safety and quality standards.


We are deeply studying the needs of modern business and strive to create products that give a competitive advantage for our customers on the market


  • Human life, health
  • Environmental protection, ecology
  • Social responsibility
  • Professionalism and development of the innovative sector of the economy
  • Openness and transparency of activities, including financial activity
  • High business standards
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork

WorldStar (2 awards) 2018
For achievements and contributions to the development of the global packaging industry according to the World Packaging Organization (WPO,
Pentawards 2018
The Pentawards are recognised as the most prestigious worldwide competition exclusively devoted to packaging design.

Our business is closely related to the global consumption system, therefore particular attention is paid to the safety and quality of our products. At the core of our development lies the concept of safe and reasonable consumption.

Flexible packaging is considered the most efficient type of packaging with the lowest resource consumption level – “environmental impact point” or UBP (Umwelt belastungpunkt). The packaging is recyclable, and it does not contain non-recyclable aluminium.

Our products are certified according to the norms and regulations for materials that come in to contact with food.

The components used in manufacturing of our products are harmless and safe for contact with the packaged products. The safety of our packaging is regularly confirmed by EU Laboratories.

The raw materials are designed and manufactured in accordance with the recommendations of EuPIA, XXVIII BfR, and comply with the FDHA regulations on materials and products, and the requirements of the FDA regulation.

We are an official representative of the Initiative SAVE FOOD, whose goal is to reduce the amount of food waste.

We cooperate with JSC “Latvijas Zaļais elektrons” to ensure the collection of used packaging and its recycling.

Social Responsibility

Our corporate social responsibility is based on the core values of the company – human health and environment protection. Our business principle is honest and respectful attitude towards clients, employees, surrounding environment and society as a whole.

We educate society about reasonable use of food products and provide information on choosing environmentally friendly and modern packaging.

We educate our employees by offering additional training and experience exchange opportunities on an international level.